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    Posted on Dec 24, 2014

    Celebrate The Holidays With The Rock Singing Karaoke In A Festive Onesie

    "I'm in a onesie!"

    It's Christmas Eve, so here's Dwayne Johnson performing "Here Comes Santa Claus" karaoke on Live With Kelly and Michael this morning while sporting what must be an XXXXL holiday onesie.

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    And he totally rocked it (sorry).

    Live With Kelly and Michael

    "I'm in a onesie!" he yells.

    Oh, we noticed.

    Live With Michael and Kelly

    And Santa even stopped by for a duet.

    Live With Kelly And Michael

    But probably no one was as excited as Michael Strahan.

    Live With Kelly And Michael

    The Rock officially wins for Most Holiday Spirit (especially because he shared this awesome BuzzFeed BFF original)!

    h/t Uproxx

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