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Rita Ora Claims She Was "Hacked" After Massive Twitter Fail

So much secondhand embarrassment.

British singer Rita Ora has been struggling to break into the American market since Jay Z signed her in 2009, and a recent Twitter fail only made it that much more obvious.

On Halloween, the 23-year-old singer tweeted that she would release new music if she got 100,000 retweets.

Though she has nearly 4 million followers, the tweet was deleted after getting just 2,000 retweets.

She also reportedly retweeted a fan who said, "where her 3.9m followers at when you need them smh," but deleted that also.

But Ora, who was recently named as a new coach on the U.K. version of The Voice, only made matters worse by claiming that her Twitter got "hacked." Aw, girl.

Many celebs buy fake followers to boost their numbers, and Ora may be guilty: Twitteraudit.com says she has 1.3 million spam followers.

By the way my Twitter got hacked somebody is threatening to release new music I've worked really hard on. Nothing comes out until I'm ready.

Or the bots insist on it! When it's ready we will drop music! Luckily I caught the hacker really quickly and deleted the post. Thank you!!

Naturally, people didn't exactly believe her.

LMFAOOOOO. Bitch, stop lying. @RitaOra

@RitaOra lol we all know you are just mad you didn't get 100,000 RT's Cmon girl!!!

And it's only made the Fifty Shades of Grey actress become the butt of plenty of jokes.

"Iggy Azalea featuring Rita Ora is like eating store brand cereal in a bowl with water"

It's white girl for "failure" RT @logaq: Who is Rita Ora?

Can I get to 7000 Twitter followers by tonight? I promise I won't delete these tweet out of embarrassment if I don't, unlike Rita Ora. Lol!

Slightly awkward how Amanda Bynes gets more RTS than Rita Ora promoting her new music

remember when rita ora threatened to release new music? that was so scary

Rita Ora isn't important enough for someone to hack her Twitter. Her password is probably RihannaR8 anyway


h/t Jezebel