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A Poor Weatherman Got Stuck On Live Television Trying To Wrangle A Huge, Playful Dog

Ripple the dog doesn't give a damn about your weather report.

Edmonton, Canada weatherman Mike Sobel had no idea what he was in for when he brought an extremely playful mastiff mix on air to assist him with his weather report.

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Unfortunately for Sobel, Ripple, an 18-month-old dog visiting from the Edmonton Humane Society, could not give fewer fucks about his weather report.

Turned out Ripple was much more interested in playing tug of war while Sobel desperately attempted to continue to tell the people of Edmonton about the LOVELY weather awaiting them.

Someone off-camera even offers to take the dog, but Sobel skeptically replies, "You're going to be able to hold him better?"

Near the end of the segment, Ripple somehow even manages to chew straight through his leash. "You're on your own!" Sobel says, trying to push Ripple away, ultimately resigning himself to letting the jumping pup smother him.

Good boy.

h/t Gawker

Commenters pointed out that the weather was actually lovely this week, and not "horrible" as we previously wrote. Many apologies to the kind people of Edmonton.