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Dad Gives His Little Girl A Lesson On How Her Future "King" Should Treat Her

He says that she should find a "king" who respects her and opens doors.

A video making the rounds online shows a dad teaching his toddler that she's a princess and that men should treat her accordingly.

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"When you get married you're going to find a what?" he asks her. "King," the toddler replies from her high chair.

"Right, because you're going to be a what?" he asks. "Queen!" she says.

"He's going to always do what?" he asks her. "Re-pect you," she replies.

The dad goes on with the lesson: "And he'll only put his hands on you if he's what?" She replies, "Giving you love!"

"Who else is going to be sure that he does those things?" he asks. "Daddy!" she replies, before saying she loves him.

What do you think of this dad's parenting style?