Pugs Toting Heart-Shaped Balloons Help With Central Park Proposal

Now that’s puppy love.

1. Alex Justins and her boyfriend, Edward Grant, were going for a romantic stroll through Central Park when they were suddenly swarmed by 16 pugs toting heart-shaped balloons.

TARYN BERMAN/ Caters News Agency

3. Justins went to talk to the first pug’s owner, when the other 15 trotted out. That’s when Grant got down on one knee to propose to her on Bow Bridge surrounded by the mini pups, the Daily News reports.

TARYN BERMAN/ Caters News Agency

5. “She’s never happier than when she sees a pug so I thought I would make her super happy by seeing 16 at once, and then I hoped even happier by proposing to her,” Grant said.

TARYN BERMAN/ Caters News Agency

7. The Londoner had enlisted the help of the New York pug meet up group, who helped make the proposal special for his elementary school teacher girlfriend.

TARYN BERMAN/ Caters News Agency

9. “I went over to see the first pug and have a chat with the owner, then when I turned round I was suddenly surrounded by pugs,” Justins said, adding that it was “really perfect.”

10. Good luck, you two!

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