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    This Might Be The Most Insane Way To Advertise Plus-Size Pants Ever

    SMH, Ali Express.

    There are quite a lot of ridiculous products and images on Ali Express, a discount online marketplace based in China.

    But few are as bizarre as the way these plus-sized pants are being advertised, with a skinny person fitting their entire body into one leg.

    Who thought this was a good idea?!

    And that's not even the only weirdly advertised pair. "Look how little I am in this size! Ha ha!"


    Are they trying to pioneer a new form of two-legged racing?

    Especially when they HAD images of the pants being worn by a person the normal way, with one leg in each side.

    Unless, you know, you prefer wearing it with one pant leg flopping around. No judgment.

    It's especially bizarre when taking into account that similar non-plus-size pants are advertised with the models appearing to be photoshopped to look extremely thin:

    Hopefully we can just chalk this up to the language barrier? 😕

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to the seller for comment.

    H/T: Reddit and Mic