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Moms Imagine What It Would Look Like If Moms Spoke To Everyone How They Talk To Kids

"Finish the wine that I already gave you, and then you can ask me for more."

Mom sketch comedy group The Breakwomb just created this hilariously on-point bit about what it would be like if women talked to each other the same way they speak to their kids.

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Like insisting they finish the little bit left in the cup before asking if they can have more...

Though in this case, it's wine instead of apple juice.

Making them wait for their turn to speak...

And freaking out over touching anything dirty.

"Molly, don't touch that! That's dirty. It's a dirty napkin. Don't touch it."

"Now your hands are filthy and you're going to stick your little hands in your mouth."

Whatever you do, you better not give any sass.