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    Neil Patrick Harris' Impressions Of His 4-Year-Olds Are The Cutest Thing Ever

    "Harper just goes 'BLAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!'"

    By now, it's commonly accepted that the Harris-Burtka family is the cutest on the block.

    Mostly because Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka's 4-year-old twins, Gideon and Harper, are unbelievably adorable.

    And they only seem cuter thanks to the impressions Harris did of them while he was on Inside The Actor's Studio last night.

    Harper, he explained, is extremely girly, wears mermaid outfits, and "you have to announce her when she comes down the staircase.”

    The announcement is then followed by false modesty: "And then when you do, she slowly comes down the stairs acting all, like, 'Oh, me?'"

    The Oscar host went on to say that Gideon is "all boy," and "loves trucks and construction and he likes superheroes."

    Harris then did a super cute impression of Gideon getting angry: “When he gets mad he puts his fists together and just...shakes.”

    "And Harper goes, 'BLAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH,'" he added.

    Harris finished by telling host James Lipton the names the twins call him and Burtka, saying, "He's 'Daddy' and I'm 'Papa.'"

    *Explodes from all the cuteness*