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    Kristen Wiig And Bill Hader Hilariously Call Out Reporter Who Clearly Didn't See Their Movie

    "Did you see this film??"

    Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader made an appearance on Denver's KWGN station to promote The Skeleton Twins, where reporter Chris Parente quickly crashed and burned to hysterical results by confusing two of Wiig's movies.

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    The interview quickly goes south when Parente asks Wiig whether she has any "advice for going nude," claiming that she did it in the movie.

    "Not this film! That's a different movie," she says, referring to Welcome To Me.

    Hader starts ragging on Parente, asking, "Did you see this film??" and adds, "This is The Skeleton Twins, which played at Sundance, it has us in it and it's a totally different movie."

    Parente confesses he'll see the movie once it opens in Denver, which only makes Hader crack up more.

    The reporter tries to save the segment, jokingly asking Wiig if she was a bridesmaid in this movie, but the two of them have already lost it.

    Clearly the best interview of their day.

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