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This Is How To Peel Garlic In Seconds

Without making your hands smell!

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For everyone who loves garlic but hates having their hands stink to high heaven, YouTuber Dave Hax has filmed a quick hands-free way of peeling it.

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First, take the bulb of garlic and say, "I love you, garlic." Because garlic should always be appreciated.

After it's been thoroughly worshipped and you're getting hungry, take the bulb and put it in a glass jar and close the lid.

Give it a real good shake.

Shakey shake shake shake. Shake.

If you don't have any glass jars handy, this trick also works with a bowl with a cutting board on top.

The skin should separate after a few seconds. Tip the contents into a bowl. Voila!

Now go forth and eat the shit out of that garlic.

You've earned it.

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