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    Posted on Nov 24, 2014

    Golden Retriever Hilariously Destroys A German Shepherd In A Spaghetti-Eating Contest

    He never stood a chance.

    Once upon a time, someone decided to have a golden retriever and a German shepherd face off in a (very brief) spaghetti-eating contest.

    Though the video is from last year, it's been trending online today.

    For about half a second, the dogs both have a full bowl of spaghetti. The shepherd's got nowhere to be; he leisurely takes his time.

    The golden, on the other hand, has no time to waste. There is food. Food for him to eat. He must do his duty as a golden and scarf it down as fast as physically possibly.

    Yeah... not much of a contest.

    I'd like to say the German shepherd gave a noble effort but that was pretty embarrassing, dog.

    Watch the whole adorable contest go down:

    View this video on YouTube

    h/t Tastefully Offensive

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