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27 Amazing Charts That Will Turn You Into A Baking Whiz

Your sweet tooth can thank us later.

1. For figuring out what your absolute best cookie looks like:

2. For saving baking emergencies:

3. And for when it still didn't turn out just right:

4. For when you want to impress someone on a Sunday morning:

5. Or REALLY impress someone:

6. When you don't understand the metric system:

7. When you're looking for that perfect cookie texture:

8. For when you're trying to be a little bit healthy:

9. For sticking to being vegan:

10. Or for when you want to shuck the gluten:

11. For when cookies are delicious but math is hard:

12. For when your arms need a break:

13. For an easy way to whip up a vanilla cupcake:

14. For when you need a sweet ASAP:

15. For a DIY wedding:

16. For when you want to know everything there is to know about eggs:

17. And everything there is to know about sugar:

18. For when you're a little bit of a baking nerd:

19. For keeping your ingredients in tip-top shape:

20. For when the leaves start to fall (or, you know, whenever):

21. Right after you find the perfect apple, of course:

22. When you don't want leftovers (because we both know who will eat them):

23. For when you're hosting:

24. For having a cake worthy of Martha:

25. For decorating that cake like a pro:

26. And for having the prettiest offering at the bake sale:

27. And, finally, for deciding whether to start:

Get to it!

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