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    Posted on Mar 23, 2015

    This Little Boy's Emotional Reaction To Meeting His Garbage Man Heroes Is Painfully Sweet

    Quincy got a little bit starstruck.

    Two-year-old Quincy Kroner doesn't idolize Disney stars or rock musicians. His heroes are his neighborhood's garbage men.

    "Every Friday he knows they're coming," Quincy's dad Ollie told ABC News. "From the moment he hears them from blocks away he runs to the window, climbs up on the couch and watches them."

    Quincy is so fond of the garbage trucks that he was given a toy version as a prize for successfully potty training. And he wanted to show it off to the real-life drivers.

    When the truck arrived at the family's house last Friday, Quincy got a chance to take a picture with them showing off his truck. But it was a bit too much for the starstruck tot.

    Ollie Kroner / Via Facebook: ollie.kroner

    "He is a pretty shy guy, he generally has to warm up around strangers," Ollie told BuzzFeed News. "But it doesn't take long before he wants to talk trucks!"

    The adorable picture went viral, getting shared by multiple news outlets around the web.

    "I can't believe how popular the photo has been," Ollie added. "I was disappointed that I didn't catch him grinning in his big moment. But what can you do? It was a great photo in a different kind of way."

    Ollie, who has another young son with his wife, Libby, said the driver's known he's got a little fan, and every week "puts on a show" for him, honking and waving when they drive past.

    "They've developed a kind of relationship through the window," he said.

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