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The 20 Most Common Names For Badly Behaved Children

If you give your kid these names, they might need a few extra time-outs.

Have you got an Ella or a Joseph on your hands? You might need to break out the child locks.

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An annual survey from the company School Stickers has collected data on which children's names are the most common for kids who are well-behaved, and ones who could use a time-out.

School Stickers, which tracks children's behavior and digitally rewards ones for behaving well, collected and analyzed data based on 1 million entries and released a "naughty list" of names.

From the 60,000 children tracked, here's what the company listed as the top names for well-behaved and poorly behaved kiddos:

Top 10 Worst-Behaved Girl Names:

1. Ella
2. Bethany
3. Eleanor
4. Olivia
5. Laura
6. Holly
7. Courtney
8. Amber
9. Caitlin
10. Jade

Top 10 Worst-Behaved Boy Names:

1. Joseph
2. Cameron
3. William
4. Jake
5. Joshua
6. Jamie
7. Lewis
8. Benjamin
9. Ethan
10. Luke

And now for the good kids:

Top 10 Best-Behaved Girl Names:

1. Amy
2. Georgia
3. Emma
4. Charlotte
5. Grace
6. Sophie
7. Abigail
8. Hannah
9. Emily
10. Alice

Top 10 Best-Behaved Boy Names:

1. Jacob
2. Daniel
3. Thomas
4. James
5. Adam
6. Harry
7. Samuel
8. Jack
9. Oliver
10. Ryan

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Neil Hodges, School Stickers' managing director, explained on the website that the findings are supposed to be lighthearted:

The annual "Santa's Naughty and Nice list" is just a bit of fun, and obviously there are many Ella's and Joseph's that are perfect little angels, just as I'm sure there are many Amy's and [Jacob's] that can be a bit of a handful.

Better luck next year, Bethany, Olivia, Jake, and Lewis!

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