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A College Marching Band Apologized For Seemingly Forming Their Rival's Mascot Eating A Dick

Stay classy, Kansas State.

During a Kansas State football game against South Dakota on Saturday, the former school's marching band made a curious formation: It appeared like the University of Kansas's mascot, a Jayhawk, was eating what looked very much like a phallus.

The two schools' teams are rivals, but weren't even playing each other at the time.

I mean, it really looks quite like a penis, does it not?

Tell me this isn't a Jayhawk and "something" going into its mouth. You can't convince me otherwise.

People on social media were quick to notice Kansas State's seemingly explicit dig at their rival school.

Can u imagine being in the #KState band & calling ur parents abt tonight's performance, "hi mom! Look for me. I'm the left ball."

The marching band fail by KState is what college football is all about.

kstate band is made up entirely of 12 yr old boys

On Facebook, the director of the marching band sort of apologized, but mostly defended the formation by saying it was actually a spaceship.

"I do apologize for the misinterpretation and I assure you that I meant absolutely no disrespect or malice toward the University of Kansas," he wrote.

The halftime theme's show was "space," with formations inspired by Star Trek and Star Wars, ESPN reported.

But people weren't quite buying it.

Slow clap for KState Marching Band, BUT WHY YOU LYYYYYYYYIN

Watch the whole thing go down here:


Kansas State will pay a $5,000 self-imposed fine for the phallic-seeming formation, the Associated Press reported.

Band director Frank Tracz will also miss the Nov. 28 game against Kansas and future halftime performances must be approved by school officials.

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