Dr. Dan Turns Your Favorite Characters Into Delicious Pancake Art

From Aladdin to Charmander to Nyan Cat, Dr. Dan can draw it all — in batter. Photos courtesy of Dr. Dan’s Facebook page.

1. Meet Dan Drake, better known as Dr. Dan the Pancake Man.

3. From the kitchen at St. Louis’ Courtesy Diner, Dan turns characters, memes, and pretty much anything he can dream up into edible masterpieces.

5. “I can draw, so if I can draw it, I can probably make it in pancakes,” he told the Riverfront Times. When he’s not making pancake art, Dan plays in the band The Psychedelic Psychonauts.

6. See more of Dr. Dan’s Internet-famous DanCakes:

9. A self portrait.

13. “A unicorn shitting a rainbow”

14. Pokémon:

17. The Flying Spaghetti Monster

19. Jake the Dog

22. Well said, Dan.

H/T: Reddit

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