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The Male Equivalent Of Hooters Is Coming So We Hope You're Thirsty

Thank you, restaurant gods.

For too long, "breastaurants" have exclusively dominated the industry of using sex to sell delicious, greasy food. But that day has ended, thanks to the new restaurant Tallywackers.

Tallywackers, the male equivalent of Hooters that employs buff waiters ready to help you stuff your face with potato skins, is opening in Dallas next month — just in time to make Mother's Day extra special.

The restaurant is opening in Oak Lawn, considered the city's "gayborhood," according to Eater Dallas.

If your dream is to serve mozzarella sticks in your skivvies, they're hiring! But you'll have to attend a "casting call" that looks something like this.

We can definitely thank Magic Mike for this, but maybe it was Amy Schumer's brilliant "O'Nutters" skit that got the ball rolling.

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Might need to take a road trip to Dallas. Who's with me?

Just don't ruin your appetite.

H/T Daily Dot