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    The "Hunger Games" Guys Ditched Jennifer Lawrence For Their Ice Bucket Challenges

    True story: Liam Hemsworth is rocking a Ninja Turtles onesie.

    They've been through the ringer training to destroy children in the Hunger Games movies, and now the men from the series have dominated another challenge (the one with ice buckets).

    Hutcherson had a bit of a hard time with it. "In the pants!" he yelled. "...OH GOD IT'S SO COLD."

    His nominations were pretty adorable, including his third grade teacher, his first acting teacher, and another teacher, Pat Jackson.

    Liam Hemsworth managed to look perfectly tousled throughout his, even doused in water and clad in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles onesie.

    He nominated Woody Harrelson, Hutcherson, and Matt Niven.

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    And Sam Claflin got a bucket-full while "reporting" in London.

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    Now that they've dominated a reality show fight to the death AND the Ice Bucket Challenge, these guys just need to conquer horizontal videos.

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