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This Boy's Happy Tears After Learning He's Going To Be A Brother Will Melt Your Heart

Just try not to cry yourself.

Every year, Ethan has asked for the "same special Christmas present," his mom wrote on YouTube. "This year we were able to give him it."

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At first, the 10-year-old Scottish boy is confused when he's given a card by his mom.

He's still not sure what's going on when he reads the front of the card, which says, "To a wonderful brother." But then he sees the printout from his mom's sonogram inside and reads the note.

It reads, "To my big brother Ethan: Have a fantastic Christmas. I can't wait to meet you."

And he can hardly believe it.

He starts to cry, and when his mom asks why, he replies, "I'm so happy."

In the caption, Ethan's mom wrote about how wonderful his reaction was: "The moment the penny drops is priceless. The look on his face has made my year. What an awesome brother he is going to be!!"