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This Hilarious Tampon Ad Perfectly Captures How Awkward Puberty Can Be

I definitely need to meet a "vagician."

Tampon startup HelloFlo, which sends monthly menstruation care packages, has followed up its awesome "Camp Gyno" ad from last summer with this bit of period perfection:

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The spot perfectly captures that weird position young girls find themselves in when all of their friends have gotten their periods...except them.

This time around, Katie has decided to take matters into her own hands, by faking her flow.

Though Katie's mom knows the Florida-resembling stain is a fraud ("periods don't have glitter"), she decides to subtly retaliate by throwing Katie a "First Moon Party" to celebrate.

What's a "First Moon Party," you ask? Well, it involves activities like "pin the pad on the period."

Also, uterus piñatas.

And then her dad shows up.

Fake or not, Katie still gets her "period starter kit." Plus decades worth of humiliating memories. Welcome to womanhood, kid.