A High School Basketball Team Played A Four-Foot-Tall Senior For His Birthday, And He Killed It

Seth Kraft finally got his chance.

2. Seth Kraft, a roughly four-foot-tall senior, has been the student manager for the boys basketball team in Laurel, Mont. for four years.

4. For his 18th birthday, the Locomotives’ coach, Pat Hansen, who jokes Seth is “4-1 with a ladder, maybe,” decided to let him show off his skills on the court.

“He puts in incredible effort, as much time as all the players,” Hansen told the Billings-Gazette. “He has incredible knowledge of the game. We listed him this year as a student coach. … He doesn’t do water and towels. He’s part of the team. It’s an opportunity he more than deserves.”

5. The stands were packed for the Senior Night game, and everyone came to cheer Seth on.

6. “I will steal the ball if I have the chance,” Kraft said before the game. “I’m not going to take it easy on them. It’ll be great if I score, but it’s OK if I don’t. I’ll be successful tonight if I make an impact, even a small one.”

7. It didn’t take long for Seth to get ahold of the ball.

8. And he scores!

9. The crowd exploded with excitement.

10. Friends and classmates were psyched for Seth’s birthday success.

Tonight's student section was awesome!! @SethKraft you rocked the house! I've never heard that crowd get that loud!

— Travis Heying (@travisrheying)

@SethKraft doin work on the hardwood! A #richandcompelling performance and night in Laurel. Great job my man! #earnedanddeserved

— Brandon Sullivan (@BSullytyme)

Was lucky enough to capture @SethKraft's big moment, along with @___tyson. Stoked to see him getting Nat'l attention. #MoreToCome

— Mike Stefansson (@MikeStefansson)

In all my years, one of the coolest sports event I've been apart of, proud of you man! Happy 18 as well @SethKraft

— Caje Golden (@cajegolden11)

15. Way to go, Seth!

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