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After Being Sold To Give Rides, A Baby Elephant Had A Heartwarming Reunion With Her Mother

The young elephant was sold into the Thai tourism trade and forced to give tourists rides.

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The heartwarming reunion of a mother and her baby elephant was just caught on camera thanks to Thailand's Elephant Nature Park.

The reunion happened after the baby elephant, Me-Bai, was taken from her mother's side in 2011 and sold to give rides to tourists in Thailand.


After the stress and trauma from carrying tourists made her too weak to carry them, Me-Bai was freed and sent to Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand for their Pamper a Pachyderm program.

Though she was nervous and wary of people when she arrived, "she quickly learned that her new caretakers had no intention of abusing her in any way," the park wrote on their blog.


It was there that the park employees set out to find her mother, Mae Yui. After locating her, they began a three-day journey with Me-Bai to the village where her mother's owners lived.

On Friday, the two finally had their joyful reunion. The two elephants were clearly thrilled to see each other.


Now the park's caretakers are reportedly trying to bring the pair back into their natural habitat.

See more of their reunion here:

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