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Posted on Mar 10, 2014

12 Amazing Before-And-After Pictures Of Rescue Dogs Show Just How Far A Little Love Can Go

The Trio Animal Foundation shared some of their heartwarming stories with BuzzFeed. Note: Photos are mildly graphic.

Chicago's Trio Animal Foundation President Sue Naiden shared some of their dogs' rags-to-riches stories with BuzzFeed. These photos show just how far a little help and a lot of love can go for a struggling animal.

TAF is a charity that pays the medical bills of homeless pets, along with promoting adoption and responsible pet ownership.

1. Valentine

"TAF received a call from our local shelter that a German shepherd puppy had been surrendered by her owner with deformities on her front arms. We named her Valentine and took her to several vets to get different opinions about what could possibly be done. The top orthopedic surgeon in the area performed two extensive surgeries on her arms. Valentine went through weeks of rehab and we were pleased that while her arms would never be perfectly straight, she was pain-free and had much more mobility."

2. Farmer

"On a trip to the local city pound we came across a dog with open sores all over his body, with horribly swollen and raw paws. He wouldn’t even lift his head to acknowledge we were there. We begged for an early medical release since this boy was in so much pain. Farmer spent weeks at the vet on IV antibiotics and pain meds as they tried to figure out what was going on with his skin. Months later he is healed and ready for adoption!"

3. Stellar

"Stellar was surrendered at a local shelter by her owners. Her ears had clearly been cut at home and she was so incredibly sad. On one of our visits, PRC [Project Rescue Chicago] was with us and agreed to take her into their adoption program. She was vetted, bathed, and went to a foster home where she lived with another dog and two cats. Not long after, Stellar met her perfect match and was adopted."

4. Brunette

"At a TAF-sponsored volunteer day we noticed this sad puppy with open scars all over her face. When we looked a little closer, we found that the teeth on her upper jaw had been torn from her gumline and were hanging off. We raced her to the vet where she had emergency surgery. Brunette recovered well and was adopted by a wonderful family with kids!"

5. Shaw

"TAF received a plea for help from a group who had come across a dog whose collar had been embedded in his neck and caused a huge, nasty infection. He was in so much pain. Our vets performed surgery immediately to clean out the wounds and closed up the gaping tissue. Weeks went by until Shaw was healthy and ready for adoption. He was adopted to a wonderful family!"

6. Miller

"Picked up by policemen after neighbors called to report a Doberman wandering around the neighborhood, Miller found himself at a local shelter. TAF’s President happened to be down there the day he was brought in and fell in love with his sweet face. Once his stray hold was up PRC took him into their program where TAF paid for him to be vetted, and once we knew his behavior was as solid as we thought it was, he went to be fostered by Sue and her two TAF dogs. Months later, he was officially adopted."

7. Trea

"After being picked up as a stray, Trea spent weeks at our local shelter. At a TAF-sponsored volunteer day she caught the eye of PRC and we offered to sponsor her medical care if they took her into their adoption program. While at the vet a tumor was discovered in her uterus which fortunately turned out to be benign, and Trea went to a foster home. She was recently adopted to a wonderful family with another dog and two cats."

8. Liv

"Liv was surrendered to a local shelter where she cowered and shook in her cage. She was so scared she wouldn’t even eat. The second we took her out she perked up and is now the happiest, most loyal pup and is looking for her forever home through PRC."

9. Mystic

"Found wandering around a church, snacking on bird seed, emaciated, mange-ridden Mystic was brought to our vet where she was hospitalized for a while battling a number of infections. Once she was cleared to leave, Mystic recovered at Unleashed before she was adopted!"

10. Ember

"TAF spotted this big girl with pretty eyes cowering in her cage at the shelter. With the help of PRC we got her to the vet to be spayed where it was discovered her spleen had a giant laceration on it and needed to be removed immediately. This type of injury usually comes from abuse (like being kicked in the stomach) and we were so happy we got her to safety when we did! Ember went to foster once she had recovered from her surgery and a couple ended up adopting her. She now enjoys long runs with her mom and brother and never has to endure any abuse!"

11. Oduya

"Oduya found himself at a shelter where he was overlooked for months, but the staff loved him and kept him around. We finally got him out with the help of PRC and learned Oduya was the most gentle, kind dog we had come across in awhile. He was adopted quickly to a home with a female dog."

12. Hossa

"TAF’s President Sue was mourning the loss of her beloved Trio, namesake of the Foundation, when she came across this photo of a red brindled pitbull at a shelter. He had been hit by a car, had a broken hip, arm, open sores and road rash all over his body. TAF sponsored all of his medical care, including extensive physical therapy, and PRC cared for him until he was adopted several months later. He now lives a wonderful life!"

All photos via Sue Naiden at the Trio Animal Foundation.

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