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23 Hilarious Fourth Of July Pinterest Fails

Red, white and yep, you blew it.

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1. This flag cake that should be respectfully burned:

Etiquette is important.

2. And this cake that's trapped in some kind of horror film scenario:

3. And this one that should probably be rebranded as a moon landing base cake.

4. This accidentally horrifying handprint:


5. These jello stars that aren't even trying:

6. These spiral cookies that never quite got their swirl on:

7. This pizza that my have some kind of skin problem:

8. These fruit skewers that just wanted to serve their country:

9. This spirited attempt at sparkler art:

U2O! U2O!

U2O! U2O!

10. These cake pops that aren't exactly poppin' off:

And what country does this flag represent, exactly?

11. This less-than-layered beverage:

Add some vodka and it'll be just fine.

12. This...potentially...flag-related...cake?

IDK, those fish look pretty Swedish to me.

IDK, those fish look pretty Swedish to me.

13. This pan full of sadness:

14. This free-form wreath:

15. These rice krispy treats that just want to take a nap:

16. And these ones that have totally lost the will to live:

17. And these ones, which never even made it out of the pan:

18. This nail art gone horribly wrong:

19. These banana bites that will turn down for literally anything:

20. This hunk of watermelon covered in frosting:

Honestly, you get what you deserve.

21. And this one that didn't even try to wear a festive outfit:

22. These not-so-seductive strawberries.

23. And lastly, whatever the heck this is:

At least they're clearly stripes of...something.

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