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    25 Ugly Foods That Are Beautiful On The Inside

    They're fugly, they're fierce, and they're fine eatin'. So back off, haters.

    1. Meatloaf may be homely, but it has a big heart.

    2. Celery root has a lot going on behind those weird hairy squiggles.

    3. You say "creepy"; figs say "unusual."

    4. "I am a strong, independent, beautiful chili cheese dog. I am a strong, independent..."

    5. There's more to morels than what you see.

    6. Ugly-chic is hot right now, and olive tapenade knows it.

    7. Listen, oatmeal has a great personality.

    8. Say what you want, but you can't afford these truffles.

    9. Tapioca has more important things to do than look in the mirror.

    10. Liver is, uh...yeah, it's liver.

    11. Buddha's hand has a rich inner life.

    12. What chili lacks in looks, it makes up for in attitude.

    13. Ginger doesn't want your pity.

    14. Okra knows it's fabulous.

    15. Prunes may have lost their youthful beauty, but they're still just as sweet.

    16. If you don't have anything nice to say about split pea soup, don't say anything at all.

    17. Cottage cheese believes in itself.

    18. You might mean "plain" as an insult, but tofu doesn't take it that way.

    19. Tuna salad is comfortable in its own skin.

    20. Lentils don't get hung up on appearances.

    21. Jerusalem artichokes have plenty of friends, OK?

    22. Eggs Benedict really never asked if you think they're cute.

    23. Seitan doesn't care about conforming to your standard of beauty.

    24. Guacamole may not be gorgeous, but it gets invited to all the hippest parties.

    25. Chocolate fro yo gets the joke. It's not an idiot. It's just a little more mature than you are.