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The Spiedie Is A Perfect And Important Sandwich

It is high time this nation recognized Binghamton, New York's beloved culinary mascot as the God-Level Foodstuff that it truly is.

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For those who have never known the joy of eating it, a spiedie (pronounced SPEE-dee) = white bread + chunks of marinated, cooked meat.

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The bread or roll must be white/Italian bread and the meat must be chicken, lamb, or pork. NOTHING ELSE.

Wikipedia's version of events:

"Camillo Iacovelli created the spiedie in Endwell, N.Y., but his brother Augustino and Peter Sharak popularized spiedies, Augie in his Endicott, N.Y., restaurant, and Sharky's in Binghamton, N.Y.

Augie began serving spiedie sandwiches in 1939 when he opened Augie's, his first restaurant. He emigrated from Abruzzo, Italy (Civitella Casanova) at the age of 25 in 1923. His son Guido continued in the spiedie business into the 1990s, owning as many as 26 restaurants at the peak of his career.


Sharak is also supposed to have invented spiedies. Apparently, patrons of Sharkey's Bar and Grill were served lamb straight from the grill on its metal skewer with slices of bread. At the original Sharkey's on Glenwood Avenue the spiedies are preceded, accompanied, and followed by copious amounts of beer. Sharkey's promotes itself as the birthplace of the sandwich in television commercials across the greater Binghamton area.

Though the issue is disputed, Sharkey's began serving spiedies in 1947, which makes Iacovelli more likely to have invented the dish first."


But spiedies aren't just a kind of sandwich; they are a deep, meaningful Regional Institution.

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Former Village Voice food critic Tejal Rao went on a spiedie road trip through Binghamton and Endicott, New York, this spring; go and experience her glorious journey vicariously.

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