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    The Negroni Is The Most Important Cocktail

    Equal parts Campari, gin, vermouth, and perfection.

    Hey there. Let's talk about a cocktail called the Negroni.

    It's THE easiest cocktail to make: one part gin, one part sweet (red) vermouth, and one part Campari.

    Which means it's easy enough to explain to any bartender who's not familiar.

    It's perfectly balanced and tastes great: a little bit sweet, a little bit bitter, and a lot bit boozy.

    And isn't it pretty?

    But it's not a GIRLY drink or a MANLY drink.

    Drunkards of distinction have been enjoying the Negroni for almost a century.

    According to this New York Times article from 2002 (back when it was still "a relative stranger on these shores"), the Negroni was invented in Italy 1919 "when a wealthy Florentine named Count Camillo Negroni suggested to Fosco Scarselli, the bartender at the Hotel Baglioni in Florence, that he add gin to his Americano."

    In world crowded with cocktails, the Negroni stands alone as a drink that is always appropriate, no matter the situation.

    It's great in the daytime...

    ...and at night.

    It's just The Cutest in a can.

    And if you get bored with the original (what's wrong with you?), you can always try one of many variations.

    It's the ideal cocktail to make ahead of time in big batches for a party.

    And by the way: They'll get you pretty drunk, pretty fast.

    So, next time you're at the bar and have no idea what to order, remember: