Teens Describing Their School Lunches Is Hilarious

    "INTERESTING PILE." Fed Up proves that sad cafeteria food is no match for sassy teenagers.

    Do Something, a website that encourages people to get involved with activist causes, has started a new initiative to improve school lunches that ingeniously capitalizes on the American teenager's natural gift for insulting things. "Fed Up" asks teens to upload photos of their school lunch (with a "fun title"), and then anyone on the website can vote to "EAT IT" or "TOSS IT," depending on how revolting the food looks.

    The valid, admirable logic here is that, as promotional material for the program explains, "Schools are supposed to be providing improved meals to students, but are students satisfied with their meals? If students aren't eating their meals, the nutrition content doesn't matter."

    What definitely does matter is the hilarious descriptions these enterprising young lunchers submitted. Enjoy!

    Some students get creative with their plating.

    Others coin new terms, such as "fish milk," to great effect.

    (Some terms more delicate than others.)


    There's some really good general sass.

    Just straight-up truth telling.

    There are valid objections to presumably well-intentioned legumes...

    ...and totally legit nutritional critiques.

    Judicious use of hyperbole.

    And a lot of the photos pretty much speak for themselves.