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18 People Who Clearly Have Their Priorities In Order

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1. This person who has a prior engagement:

2. This person with a one-track mind:

3. This person telling it like it is:

4. This believer in love:

5. This person who knows what they want:

6. This guy who refuses to think hypothetically:

7. This person who's sticking by what they said:

8. These BFFs:

9. Sierra:

10. This person who's loyal to what they love:

11. This person who's upfront about their needs:

12. This mom:

13. This person:

14. This person who knows how to quantify the unquantifiable:

15. This smart aleck:

16. This person who reconsidered:

17. This person who's into a very specific kind of role-playing:

18. This person who's determined to have it all: