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    19 Grilling Gadgets That Should Not Exist

    If you've ever seriously considered using a meatball grilling basket, go ahead and smack yourself upside the head right now.

    1. Hot Dog Roller

    2. Basting Sauce Pot & Brush

    3. Potato Grilling Rack

    4. Himalayan Salt Plate

    5. Hanging Shish Kabob Set

    6. Folding Rib Rack

    7. Fill N Grill Patty Maker

    8. S'mores Grilling Basket

    9. Long Handle Salt & Pepper Set

    10. The Spice Arm

    11. Meat Shredders

    12. The Ham Dogger

    13. Grill-Compatible Ebelskiver Pan

    14. Potato Nails

    What You Already Have That Makes This Unnecessary: potatoes without nails in them.

    Supposedly these make potatoes cook faster and more evenly, but a) humans have been happily roasting un-nailed potatoes for centuries and b) removing scalding hot metal nails from potatoes doesn't totally sound like my idea of a great time?

    15. Meatball Grill Basket

    16. Motorized Grill Brush With Steam Cleaning Power

    17. Corn On The Cob Grilling Basket

    18. Cordless Grill Fan

    19. Bear Paws Meat Handlers