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Rap Game James Franco Has Mastered The Art Of Food Vines

You think your six-second smoothie recipe is cute or something? Watch and learn from RiFF RAFF.

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We're all still trying to figure out exactly where food fits into the wonderful world of Vine, Twitter's new video sharing platform ... except one man, who just gets it: RiFF RAFF. The Houston rapper, who (sort of) (arguably) inspired James Franco's character in Spring Breakers, pretty much has it down. The following is a carefully curated archive of his greatest, most delicious cinematic masterpieces.

The Secret Life Of Peeps

A Water To Remember

Clear And Present (Ketchup) Danger (Of Ketchup)

The Sweet Smell Of Fruit Loops

The Ribs That Weren't There

Riding In Cars With Funyuns

Enter The Delaware Punch

The Secret Life Of Peeps 2: The Peepquel

Krazy Mystic Pizza

All Dogs Go Through Room Service

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