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    21 Restaurants That Aren't Taking Any Of Your Crap

    No, seriously guys, the pee goes INSIDE the toilet.

    1. This restaurant that knows how to monetize a bad attitude:

    2. This restaurant that's concerned about the environment:

    3. This restaurant that's very clear on one thing:

    4. This restaurant that's just asking you to meet them halfway:

    5. This restaurant with a proactive recycling program:

    6. This restaurant that doesn't want you to make them tap the sign:

    7. This restaurant, which sounds like a dangerous place:

    8. This restaurant that understands reverse psychology:

    An oft-used classic of the genre, but extra points for the illustration.

    9. This restaurant that hit a home run with their baseball metaphor:

    10. This restaurant that might want to prepare for a class action lawsuit:

    JK, hippies don't have lawyers.

    11. This restaurant that knows the power of shame:

    12. This ice cream parlor that would like you to respect the wildlife:

    13. This restaurant that wants to help you process your feelings in a healthy way:

    14. This restaurant that doesn't care how good your ass looks:

    15. This restaurant that isn't charmed by your graffiti:

    16. This restaurant with an innovative strategy for keeping food costs down:

    17. This Chipotle that's just stating the facts:

    18. This restaurant that needs you to check your privilege:

    19. This restaurant that would like you to be a little more realistic:

    20. This restaurant that WILL resort to human trafficking:

    21. This restaurant that's willing to sass its own employees if necessary:

    Hahahahahahaha, whoever did #2 is a HERO.