41 Places There Should Always Be Sprinkles

    If you didn't know, now you know. Act accordingly.

    1. On ice cream.

    2. And ice cream cones.

    3. And ice cream sandwiches.

    4. On bundt cakes.

    5. On cupcakes.

    6. On top of birthday cakes.

    7. And IN birthday cakes.

    8. And ALL OVER birthday cakes.

    9. On doughnuts.

    (Preferably in elaborate patterns on doughnuts.)

    10. On strawberries.

    11. On the rim of your cocktail.

    12. Or your glass of milk.

    13. On spoonfuls of chocolate.

    14. Amidst the halves of a sandwich.

    15. All over pretzels.

    16. And pretzel sticks.

    17. In marshmallows.

    18. On brownie bars.

    19. On homemade pop-tarts.

    20. On Oreo pops.

    21. And tiny Oreo cakes.

    22. And teensy Oreo truffles.

    23. On popcorn.

    24. All up in granola bites.

    25. On AND in waffles.

    26. And pancakes.

    27. On sandwich cookies.

    28. And lemon cookies.

    29. And cute little animal cookies.

    30. And in between chocolate chip cookies.

    31. And underneath and/or around ALL cookies.

    32. On candy bark.

    33. On cream puffs.

    34. On cake pops.

    35. Betwixt the layers of icebox cakes.

    36. Or atop little icebox cupcake stacks.

    37. On meringues.

    38. In between chocolate mousses.

    39. On cinnamon rolls.

    40. On apple pies.

    41. On frozen bananas.