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23 Things That Are A Million Times Better When You Do Them In A Onesie

What a onesieful world.

2. Studying for a big exam.

5. Chilling with your squad.

7. Admiring the beauty of nature.

9. Making a coffee run.

12. Outings with the whole family.

Kevin Ryder / Flickr: labdog2010 / Creative Commons

15. Communing with the Earth.

19. Drinking beer on a paddleboard.

21. Shopping for more onesies.

Are you filled with onesie envy yet? GOOD. Because we're declaring next Friday (Dec. 12) to be ONESIE DAY WORLDWIDE.

Rachel Sanders

Here's how to participate:

1. Wear your coziest, most glorious onesie* in solidarity with leisure appreciators around the world.

2. Do daring and beautiful things in your onesie.

3. Take photos of those things and share your photos with the official hashtag #weareonesie.

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