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    23 Things That Are A Million Times Better When You Do Them In A Onesie

    What a onesieful world.

    1. Taking a walk with bae.

    2. Studying for a big exam.

    3. Tailgating.

    4. Computering.

    5. Chilling with your squad.

    6. Going to the drugstore.

    7. Admiring the beauty of nature.

    8. School.

    9. Making a coffee run.

    10. Grocery shopping.

    11. Seeing a movie.

    12. Outings with the whole family.

    13. Yoga.

    14. Ice skating.

    15. Communing with the Earth.

    16. Skateboarding.

    17. Mucking out stalls.

    18. Skiing.

    19. Drinking beer on a paddleboard.

    20. Bungee jumping.

    21. Shopping for more onesies.

    Are you filled with onesie envy yet? GOOD. Because we're declaring next Friday (Dec. 12) to be ONESIE DAY WORLDWIDE.

    Here's how to participate:

    1. Wear your coziest, most glorious onesie* in solidarity with leisure appreciators around the world.

    2. Do daring and beautiful things in your onesie.

    3. Take photos of those things and share your photos with the official hashtag #weareonesie.