22 Shirts Every Introvert Should Own

    For when things need to be said, and you really don't feel like talking.

    1. For wild nights out on the town:

    2. For when you want to make your priorities clear:

    3. For when people don't understand your reluctance to hang out:

    4. For when they STILL don't understand:

    5. For when you're being peer pressured:

    6. For days when you truly can't even:

    7. For when you feel obligated to come up with an excuse:

    8. For when literally everyone is getting on your nerves:

    9. For when you need to make an important distinction:

    10. For when you decide to take charge:

    11. For when you don't want people to take it personally:

    12. For when you have to draw the line:

    13. For when you make a near escape:

    14. For when you can't handle any more small talk:

    15. For when you need a polite way to turn someone down:

    16. For when you're in the middle of a really amazing novel:

    17. For when people misinterpret your silence:

    18. For when you want to manage expectations:

    19. For when you want to redefine some key terms:

    20. For when you're being totally honest:

    21. For when you're gripped by an icy panic:

    22. And, last but not least, for all other occasions: