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    19 Easy And Adorable Animal Snacks To Make With Kids

    Babysitters and parental units, meet your new secret snack weapon.

    1. Turn a banana into a pretzel-legged caterpillar.

    Use peanut butter to stick banana slices together, then add pretzel stick legs. Hello, friend!

    2. Cauliflower + olives = sheep.

    Just hangin' on on the ranch. Get it!?

    3. Apple + grapes cut in half = octopus.

    Or, if you run out of grapes, septopus. In other news: Don't you sometimes wish your teeth were actually chocolate chips?

    4. Or a sweet turtle.

    5. Hot dogs also make excellent octopi.

    6. Eggs make great chicks.

    Use carrots for the beak and sprinkles for the eyes.

    7. Clementines were basically born to be snails.


    8. A banana and a peanut butter sandwich will get the job done, too.

    9. All a strawberry needs to be a mouse is a string cheese tail and almond ears.

    A little Triscuit bed doesn't hurt, either. Deets here.

    10. Pears are also mice waiting to happen.

    11. Teddy bear s'mores are almost too cute to eat.

    12. Same goes for teddy bear toast.

    Toast it, butter it, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, add banana slices and raisins. Smile!

    13. Use clothespins to turn snack bags into butterflies.

    You'll need pipe cleaners for the antennae. Instructions here.

    14. Add almond feathers to Babybel cheese've got turkey!

    15. It just takes a knife to make this happy fruit peacock.

    More like a PEARcock, am I right?


    Here's all the info.

    16. Or orange fish with blueberry bubbles.

    Blub blub blub.

    17. Hey, pear bear.

    Here's how he got so cute.

    18. How's it going, grapefruit owl?

    Banana eyes! Clementine wings! He's got it all.

    19. Looking good there, waffle beaver.

    Thanks to Canadian Family columnist Jill Dubien for lots of these cute ideas.

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