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    30 Adorable Treats To Make When It Snows

    It's not like you'll have something better to do than bake a pizza shaped like a snowman.

    1. Make a pizza snowman with olive slices and an arugula scarf.

    Bacon is also a scarf option. Just saying. Get the recipe here.

    2. Make ice cream out of snow!

    QUICK, run outside while it's still fresh and clean and pretty. All you need is condensed milk and vanilla. Recipe here.

    3. Turn Nutter Butters into cute peanutty snowmen.

    You'll need white chocolate candy melts, tiny candies or sprinkles, and fruit roll-ups (for the scarf!). Instructions here.

    4. Make snowman snowball cookies.

    DOUBLE snow whammy. The faces are done with mini chocolate chips and orange sprinkles. Recipe here.

    5. Make these rice crispy snowballs with secret marshmallows inside.

    6. Use special cookie cutters to make cookie snowflakes.

    Get the recipe for these iced spice cookies here.

    7. Or delightful snowflake marshmallows for your cocoa.

    Get the recipe for DIY 'mallows here.

    8. Chocolate snowflake cookies are also an option.

    Brown snowflakes not found in nature? Don't even worry about it! Recipe here.

    9. Or stick with a basic cookie shape and get fancy with the icing.

    Gingerbread recipe here.

    10. You can also use a stencil and powdered sugar to make snowflakes on any dark cookie.

    Buy stencil patterns at a craft store or cut out your own.

    11. Add a carrot nose and chocolate eyes to ice creams scoops to make these snowman sundae shots.

    Look at that face! Almost too darling to eat, but not quite. Instructions here.

    12. Roll scoops of ice cream in coconut to make snowball sundaes.

    If rocky road is more your jam, use chocolate, nuts, and marshmallow bits instead.

    13. Make Oreo truffle snowballs and stack them into snowmen.

    Very easy: Oreos + cream cheese + white chocolate + bling. Recipe here.

    14. These snowman macarons aren't the simplest, but...

    ...sweet blizzard Nemo, are they cute. Recipe here.

    15. They can even stand guard on top of a cake!

    HOW CAN A COOKIE BE SO CUTE. Get this red velvet cake recipe here.

    16. Make coconut snowball cookies.

    When you're really tired of being snowed-in, you can start throwing them at people! Recipe here.

    17. Build candy snowmen with pretzel rings.

    With the teeny fruit roll-up scarves! Here's how.

    18. Brighten things up with classic lemon snowball cookies.

    Get the recipe here.

    19. Why have regular meatloaf and potatoes when you could eat a snowman for dinner?

    Recipe and instructions here — this blogger used a vegan beet burger for the "meat" muffins, but a carnivorous version would be good too.

    20. Dip peppermint meringues in chocolate to make snowy mountain peaks.

    Anyone feel like skiing? Recipe here.

    21. Here's a real CONCEPT for you: piña colada snowman jello shot pops.

    Recipe here.

    22. DIY some Hostess Sno-Balls.

    More important now than ever. RIP, Hostess. Get the recipe here.

    23. There's no snow day breakfast like a snowman pancake.

    This guy's face and buttons are chocolate-covered sunflowers. The scarf is, needless to say, BACON.

    24. Stack iced cookies to make 3-D snowmen.

    You can paint on the dainty little faces with a small brush and food coloring.

    25. Pipe meringue into snowflakes.

    26. Cupcake + marshmallows = snowman cupcake.

    Instructions here.

    27. Make little chocolate trees and plant them in snowy cupcakes.

    28. Make melting snowmen with white Airheads candy.

    Hahahahaha. Instructions here.

    29. Sprinkle coconut flakes on cupcakes to make a snow flurry.

    30. Scoop up a snowman ice cream cone.

    "HELLO, LET ME EMBRACE YOU WITH MY TINY PRETZEL ARMS." Make the face and buttons with mini chocolate chips and sprinkles.