18 Food Faces That Are Either Adorable Or Really Creepy

Meet the zucchini that will haunt your dreams.

Instagram user @frenkfurth captures the nuanced facial expressions of fruits, vegetables, sandwiches and more. Charming and cute or insidiously terrifying? You’ll find out…tonight, in your dreams (wOOooooOOOooo!).

1. Pissed-off strawberry:

2. Zucchini hoodlums:

3. Uncertain sandwich:

4. Avocados, aghast:

5. Skinnydipping almonds:

6. Devious orange:

7. Ambivalent squash:

8. Drunk apple:

9. Stew with a plan:

10. Banana pirate:

11. Hesitant pears:

12. Deeply stoned gourd:

13. Apple mansplaining:

14. Seasick sandwich:

15. Cantaloupe in need of orthodonture:

16. Pepper, mad as heck:

17. Skeevy lemon:

18. Apple that’s seen things:

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