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18 Cats Who Learned About Yogurt The Hard Way

Cats love yogurt. But yogurt doesn't always love them back.

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FACT: Many cats (including Lil Bub) feel passionately about yogurt.

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But things can get ugly. Heads get stuck in containers. Yogurt gets in ears. It ENDS IN TEARS.

Cats, consider this a PSA.

gonna die gonna die gonna die tell Mom I love her

Now back it up, now back it up.

Yeah, I heard if you work out backwards you burn more calories?

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

What? I always sit this way.

Oh gahd oh gahhhhhd I'm surrounded there's NO ESCAPE.

So weird, did it snow last night or something?

Cool, just gonna chill in this corner for a while.

I dorughnno wharht youn'r talkinsg about I'm NOT DRUNHFJK

Can't even deal with this right now.

This is breakdancing, right? Yeah, I'm definitely breakdancing.

Maybe if I

Hey bro, nothing much, just chillin. U?

I try not to use the term "dance"? It's more, like, interpretative movement performance art?

Okay okay okaa aarrrrrghhHHH WHO IS THAT


I'm just gonna go hang here.


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