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    The Beerito Is The Greatest Way Ever Invented To Drink Outside

    The great dilemma of summer has been solved.

    This is The Beerito. Isn't it beautiful?

    This vintage photo has recently resurfaced on Reddit, thrilling everyone who has ever asked questions such as:

    "What do you mean, no alcoholic beverages allowed?"

    Fox TV /

    "How may I best disguise my beer so as to circumvent this outrageous rule?"

    Fox TV /

    "Could there be some use for this unexplained tortilla and tin foil that I just happen to have in my pocket?"

    Disney /

    "Is it possible I could embrace my love of beer, burritos, and freedom AT THE SAME TIME?"

    Yes, you know what's coming. You know what the answer is.

    It's The Beerito.

    Which may inspire other people to ask certain questions, such as:

    "Ma'am, is there a reason you're bringing 30 burritos into this event?"