13 Amazing Cakes Made With Leftover Halloween Candy

If “leftover candy” is a foreign concept to you, just buy more.

1. Kit Kat + M&M’s Cake

Could you make a chocolate cake instead and put Reese’s Pieces on top!? Sure, GO CRAZY. Get the recipe.

2. Chocolate Malt Balls Cake

A Whopper’s dream home. Get the recipe.

3. Smarties + SweeTarts + Pixie Sticks Cake

The thing about pixie sticks is that they are basically cocaine for children. Get the recipe.

4. Snickers Icebox Cake

This is actually made of pudding and caramel and chocolate and requires no baking. Arguably better than cake. Get the recipe.

5. Skittles + Nerds Cake

NERDS. Get the recipe.

6. Peanut Butter Cup Cake

For classy types. Get the recipe.

7. Starburst Cake

Watch out for the ~ secret ~ raspberry filling. Get the recipe.

8. Hershey Kiss + Twix + Kit Kat Cake

Step 1: ID everything in your trick-or-treat pillowcase that involves chocolate. Step 2: Put it on top of this cake. Get the recipe.

9. M&M (Wedding) Cake

Normal, non-pastel M&M’s would look snazzy, too. Get the recipe.

10. Peppermint Pattie Cake

Minty fresh. Get the recipe.

11. Twix Cake

Full disclosure: actual Twix candies are optional in this recipe. Still awesome. Get the recipe.

12. Mounds Bar Cake

Betty Crocker suggests that make your own “Chocolate-Coconut Candy Bars” but that sure seems like overachieving when Mounds will just…do it for you. Get the recipe.

13. Just Throw Every Other Kind of Candy You Have In It Cake

Problem solved. Get the recipe.

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