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This Photographer Proves Anyone Can Look Like An Elite Athlete With Just A Few Tricks

Look like an Olympian, no exercise (or Photoshop) required.

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"I was visiting the offices of SmugMug when a conversation came up on how they were looking to fill up their gym with some black and white portraits of their employees working out," Von Wong told BuzzFeed Life. He proposed that they take things a step further with action-packed images, featuring edgy lighting and a rain machine.

"Participation in the project was voluntary and not everyone was planning on being a part of the shoot, but once people went back into the offices raving about their photos, others began to flock over to be part of the experience," he said.


And this 61-year-old grandfather of 12...

Benjamin Von Wong / Via

*fans self*

"I think that people were quite blown away by the results — they'd never really thought that they could look so awesome," Von Wong said. "They'd come to the computer, check out the images, and run back to shoot some more."

So basically, you can go from "before" to "after" while still being a couch potato.

Benjamin Von Wong / Via

And when you're feeling meh about your workout results, just remember that with $20,000 in photography equipment and a rain machine, you, too, can look like a perfect specimen.

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