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    33 Products That Are Worth It If You're Ready To Splurge On Some Kitchen Items

    Your cooking game is about to get a whole lot better with the oil and butter infusion machine and the pasta maker.

    1. A Nespresso Vertuo coffee and espresso maker if plain ol' instant coffee just doesn't do it for ya anymore. It'll brew both coffee or espresso depending on which pod you put in for an oh-so-delicious morning pick me up. 

    It comes with a 40-oz. removable water tank!

    I have a Nespresso Vertuo and it has probably been the greatest investment I have ever made. Granted it may be a tad bit expensive, but in the long run you may just be saving money (if you NEED an iced latte every day). Plus it definitely beats having to leaving my apartment way too early to get my morning fix when all I have to do is put in a new pod, press the brew button, and wait around a minute for it to brew!

    Personally, I'm a latte girlie so I usually use espresso pods (these are my faves btw), but you can put also put in a coffee pod. Based on the size of the pod, it'll know how much to brew automatically. P.S. there are three different sizes for coffee and four different sizes for espresso.

    Promising review: "I like iced coffee with high caffeine. This fits the bill perfectly and is a joy to use and drink. My Starbucks monthly bill has come down considerably after buying this unit, and I'm ready to hit the ground running that much sooner in the morning. I especially enjoy the self cleaning feature and the ability to run it for smaller or larger cup sizes. Truly a premium product." —David T.

    Get it from Amazon for $194.99+ (available in three colors, plus in bundle options with the Aeroccino milk frother).

    2. And a rapid cold brew maker for the "iced coffee only" drinker who needs *a lot* of it. It makes 40 ounces of joe in under NINE minutes and you'll be able to choose from three different strength settings depending on how late you stayed up the night before bingeing your fave TV show.

    Check out a TikTok of the rapid cold brew maker in action. 

    Promising review: "I like cold brew year-round and this may be my favorite method/machine yet! It’s so easy to assemble, use, and clean. In about 15 minutes I was impressed with how rich and bold the brew was, with no grounds like others I’ve tried.  It looks great on my kitchen counter. It’s lightweight and stable with the base suction cups. It makes a little noise but much less than I expected (and less than my Nespresso machine)." —Liz

    Get it from Amazon for $147.15

    3. A slim magnetic stove shelf if you have very limited counter space for your spices and seasonings. Just place it on top of your stove so you have direct access to all the necessities. 

    a stove with the shelf along the top and spices sitting on it

    StoveShelf is a US-based small business that specializes in shelves for various sizes of stoves. 

    Check out a Tiktok of the StoveShelf in action!

    Promising review: "This is perfect and I’m obsessed. Where has this contraption been all my life? We basically freed up the cabinet above the stove where we messily stored our spices/oils and such. Now, the things we use the most are right in front of us. And more things fit than expected! Like our olive oil dispenser, nonstick cooking spray, a whole canister of sea salt. Also it’s magnetic so you literally just snap it on to your oven. This was the biggest bang for your buck sort of organization product I’ve gotten for my kitchen!" —Katie M.

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99 (available in three sizes and in three finishes). 

    4. An investment-worthy KitchenAid stand mixer that your poor forearms are begging you to get. You can mix quite literally anything in this baby — from cookie dough to burger patties! Plus it'll look absolutely ~gorgeous~ on your counter. 

    the pale yellow kitchenaid with a blue floral mixing bowl used with it
    the red kitchenaid next to a plate of scones

    The 10-speed mixer comes with a flat beater, a coated dough hook, a six-wire whip, a bowl and bowl lid, and a pouring shield. The 5-quart stainless-steel bowl can mix dough for nine dozen cookies or four loaves of bread in a single batch! 

    Here's what BuzzFeed Shopping editor Jenae Sitzes has to say about it: "I have this particular mixer in the Ice color and honestly can't imagine living without it now — it takes all the manual effort out of whisking ingredients and saves you a bit of time as you can work on other things while it's blending. If you've been on the fence about getting a KitchenAid, let this be the final nudge you needed to pull the trigger."

    Promising review: "I have owned a KitchenAid mixer for well over 20 years and just upgraded to this one. We redid the kitchen and my accent color is aqua so this looks spectacular sitting on my counter. I wanted a little more power and this is perfect for me. I do a lot of baking so I couldn't live without a KitchenAid mixer. I also have the spiralizer and pasta making attachments. This is a work horse! I will never use anything but a KitchenAid." —T Jaye Brand

    Get it from Amazon for $379.95 (available in 23 colors). 

    5. A 10-piece utensil set so you can finally have a spatula that matches your ladle. Each utensil has a silicone head to prevent scratches on your pots and pans and they just look so darn sleek!

    The set of 10 utensils with black silicone heads displayed on a table

    Karibe is a Black-owned small business that sells durable cookware from New Jersey. This set of utensils should be hand-washed!

    Promising review: "I’ve used these beautiful utensils daily for nearly a year and am back to order a second set for our lake cabin. The wood and silicone are of exceptionally high quality, easily withstanding frequent use, and they’re an absolute delight to use. They’d also be the perfect gift for someone setting up a new home." —Keryn

    Get the 10-piece set from Karibe for $45.99.

    6. An absolutely beautiful set of handblown colored wineglasses that'll add a pop of color to your next dinner party! 

    Six wine glasses; one in blue, purple, orange, green, yellow, and pink

    Estelle Colored Glass is a Black woman–owned small business offering luxury glassware that's vintage-inspired.

    Promising review: "I had heard about these and was happy to see them at Anthro. Beautiful. Yes, they are pricey, but they are stunning and unique. Can’t wait to entertain with them." —Jenniferinsd1

    Get the set of six from Anthropologie (available in three styles) or Estelle for $185. 

    7. And a wine decanter to truly give your at-home bar a classy upgrade. It'll aerate your vino and have it tasting even better than before!

    After being kept in an airtight bottle, your wine needs to breathe. Pouring into a wine carafe releases its natural aromas and flavors for better taste!

    Promising review: "My family loves this decanter. It improves the taste of all kinds of wines and looks very nice when displayed. It is much cheaper than many $100 or $200 decanters while looking and working just as nicely. While these can be a bit tricky to clean, I've been using a quick trick to make it look like new! 1) Rinse with warm water (if you have time, let it soak for an hour). 2) Fill about 1 centimeter with salt and add 2 centimeters of white wine vinegar. 3) Swirl the solution and CAREFULLY shake if stains are higher up. 4) Rinse with warm water. That should get your decanter ready for the next bottle! Hope this helps!" —Jackson L.

    Get it from Amazon for $57.49.

    8. The famous nonstick ceramic Always Pan (the 2.0 version!) that's made with nontoxic ceramic materials. You'll be able to replace up to 10 pieces of boring ol' cookware because this bad boy can do it all! The best part? The ~eye-catching~ colors they come in. 

    lavender pan with steamer basket and colander and spatula
    model taking out noodles with the colander
    Our Place

    It comes with a steamer basket, pouring spout, and a nesting spatula with a rest. You can even put it in the oven — talk about versatility! What makes the 2.0 version different? They've upgraded the nonstick to last 50% longer and it's oven-safe to 450 degrees! 

    Our Place is a POC-owned business based in Los Angeles. All of their boxes are packaged with biodegradable and recyclable materials, and the Always Pan is made in a woman-owned factory in China.

    Promising review: "My always pan is going to be my new favorite cooking ware. Super versatile and absolutely beautiful. Love the functionality that it possesses and the versatility range, someone really thought about all the best way to cook with this! Safe, easy to clean, and beautiful to look at! Makes you want to cook more delicious meals all day long! Shipping took a while because I preordered, but I was happy to wait!" —Celyn V.

    Get it from Our Place for $150 (available in 11 colors and also in mini and large).

    Check out our Always Pan review (number 4 in the post) from one of my BuzzFeed colleagues to learn more!

    9. A set of stunning vintage-looking glass coffee mugs so you can sip on your latte or tea while feeling oh-so-fancy — pinkies up! They're embossed with such beautiful patterns and even come with matching gold spoons. 

    The model holding one of the glasses
    A tray with three drinks served in the glasses

    Promising review: "These are so cute and look like an Anthropologie [version] for a fraction of the price!" —corriescott

    Get the set of two from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in seven colors).

    10. A Le Creuset enameled cast-iron braiser that comes with a hefty price tag but is *totally* worth the splurge. This gorgeous piece of cookware will be your go-to when cooking or even baking, especially because it prevents sticking or stains. It can make casseroles, fried chicken, stew, cake — the list is endless! 

    Le Creuset pot filled with pulled pork, accompanied by tortillas, limes, salsa, and guacamole for shopping article

    Promising review: "If you're looking for Le Creuset quality, this delivers. The enamel is an excellent cooking surface and very easy to clean. The braiser is thick and the lid fits well. The color is nice and looks like the pictures. I use this every day. I've purchased cheap Dutch ovens before, and this definitely stands well above the competition. Worth the money." —JasonC

    Get it from Amazon for $289.95+ (available in 14 colors and three sizes). 

    11. A set of food storage jars so you can organize all your pastas, grains, and cereal while making your pantry or countertop ~aesthetically pleasing~. Say goodbye to half-empty cardboard boxes and hello to these gorgeous airtight glass jars. 

    the seven glass jars in different sizes with bamboo lids

    *Especially* if there are certain ingredients you like to leave out on the counter (like coffee and sugar), this keeps them close at hand while maintaining a nice aesthetic!

    Promising review: "I recently upgraded my kitchen storage game with these fabulous glass containers with bamboo lids, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. These containers have not only elevated the aesthetics of my pantry, but also contributed to my sustainability efforts. I am pleased with the quality and sturdiness of the glass, as well as the tightly sealed lids." —Caroline

    Get the seven-pack from Amazon for $26.99 (also available in other packs and sizes).

    12. digital smart toaster that comes with six preset bread types to toast your carb treat to delicious perfection, without drying it out. It has three toasting modes and seven shades so your bagel or english muffin can get the perfect ~crunch~.

    The toaster not in use showing the time on its screen
    Product image showing different toast level and bread settings on the interface of the toaster

    Promising review: "Of course, TikTok made me buy it! LOL! But seriously, it looks great in my newly remodeled kitchen and really cooks/toasts/warms up my breads, waffles, and bagels perfectly and evenly! I've had some really cheap toasters in my time and have always been disappointed with the uneven toasting because one of the elements within the toaster burnt out, etc. This toaster is super smart, and you can clearly see when your food is about to be done. There's three settings (warm, fresh, frozen) for toasting so your food is always cooked to perfection! The animated circle around on display when cooking lets you know know how far along your food is to being done. An audible sound plays when it's done so you don't have to keep watching it. When you're not using the toaster, the time displays. Where I have it in my kitchen, it's nice to have the time on that side of the room without having to turn around and look at my oven. The aesthetics are very nice and complementary since all my appliances are stainless steel. It gives my kitchen this extra zhuzh in the place! I've been using it now for several months and have no complaints!" —ADR

    Get it from Amazon for $325+ (available in two colors and with a panini press).

    13. Or a space-saving, compact Ninja Foodi 2-in-1 Flip Toaster to use as a traditional toaster *AND* an oven — say whaaat!? You can toast your bagels and bread and then flip it over to make pizza rolls, nuggets, or grilled cheese. We love a product that can do it all.