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What It Was Like Growing Up With Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

The twins turn 27 today. Prepare to feel old.

You wished that you had a brother you could sell for 50 cents.

You wore out your Our First Video VHS tape.

You owned these dolls:

You went through your rebelious stage when they did.

You knew all the words to this song:

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And you probably still do.

You owned one of these shirts from their Walmart clothing line.

Probably also this shirt because it was so cool.

You begged your parents to take you to Atlantis.

You were always afraid you were going to get trapped in a mirror thanks to Double Double Toil and Trouble.

You totally owned their whole makeup line. So many sparkles.

Your movie marathons went something like this:

They taught you everything you know about foreign countries.

And you made your mom buy these even though they didn't smell that great:

You wanted to have a party. Any kind of party.

Especially fashion parties.

You had a subscription to their magazine, even though it didn't last that long.

You got annoyed when people couldn't tell them apart.

You wore out your Gameboy battery rotating in between Get a Clue and The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley.

You wanted colored sunglasses SO BAD.

You learned this dance:

And seriously contemplated sliding around your living room in chocolate syrup.

This was what your book collection looked like:

Essentially, you just wanted a twin. So bad.