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32 Times Chris Evans Was Too Handsome For His Own Good

Happy birthday, Captain America.

1. That time he wore these sunglasses:

2. That time he smiled like this:

3. That time when he was like, "Guys, chill out. I know I'm hot."

4. That time he took off his pants.

5. The time he was just chilling.

6. The time he was like, "Shhh. Night night."

7. That time he had his hands in his pockets.

8. That time he matched with his dog, Dodger.

Kinda stole Dodger’s color scheme on set today.

9. That time he was Captain America.

10. That time he rode a motorcycle.

11. That time he was in suspenders and got mad at somebody.

12. That time he and Dodger were so excited to be reunited.

13. That time when he got naked in an elevator.

14. That time when something was funny.

15. That time he ate an apple naked.

16. That time he had his serious face on.

17. That time he held a baby.

18. That time he played a video game in a jacket.

19. That time he was so hot, he was actually steaming.

20. That time he was silly on the red carpet.

21. That time he played beer pong.

22. That time he was at the NYSE.

23. That time he looked adorable.

24. That time he wore plaid.

25. That time he did this trick with his eyebrow.

26. That time he looked like he was doing his best impression of Agent Coulson.

27. That time he played the guitar nearly naked.

28. That time getting arrested didn't sound so bad.

29. That time when he took a selfie in the bath.

30. That time when he was like, "I don't know!"

31. That time when BUTTS.

32. That time when this was in every magazine:

Happy 32nd birthday Chris!

Stay handsome!