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    12 Reasons Ian Somerhalder Would Be The Perfect Boyfriend

    According to US Weekly, Ian Somerhalder, and Nina Dobrev have called it quits. While we're sad to see Nian end, we're happy that a catch like Ian is back on the market.

    1. He is mature about ending relationships:

    2. He loves animals:

    Especially Grumpy Cat:

    3. He appreciates a good photobomb:

    4. You could stare into these pretty eyes forever:

    5. He really appreciates all the people in his life, including his fans:

    6. His hobbies include trying to save the world:

    7. He would definitely take you dancing:

    8. He's pretty easy on the eyes:

    9. And he just get's better with age, like a fine wine:

    10. He'll make you laugh:

    11. He doesn't take anything for granted:

    12. Most importantly, he knows the way to a girl's heart: