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    Posted on May 9, 2013

    12 Reasons Ian Somerhalder Would Be The Perfect Boyfriend

    According to US Weekly, Ian Somerhalder, and Nina Dobrev have called it quits. While we're sad to see Nian end, we're happy that a catch like Ian is back on the market.

    1. He is mature about ending relationships:

    2. He loves animals:

    Twitter: @iansomerhalder

    "Whoa! Struttin'Mutt! He needs a home! Please adopt Raj! I've kissed every - ok almost every inch of him;)"

    "Me and my new Chinese buddy this morning near Shanghai"

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    Especially Grumpy Cat:

    "How dare they!"

    "Me and strange portrait of my girl hanging with my Mashable friends at SXSW."

    3. He appreciates a good photobomb:

    "Sometimes you get photo Bombed by Neil Patrick Harris... Awesomeness"

    4. You could stare into these pretty eyes forever:

    Jason Kempin / Getty Images
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images
    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    5. He really appreciates all the people in his life, including his fans:

    "Damon happily sleeping in a sea of wonder fan mail..."

    "Teen Choice!These are yours my teen friends;)!My new friend(just came in) next to my old friend.Now they're home!"

    "Thank you Manila for a most surreal day!Look at this pic of me & 6,000 of my new friends in The Philippines. Whoa"

    6. His hobbies include trying to save the world:

    "Reading material for the plane to Brussels-from February 1981.Whats changed since then...?"

    "27 million slaves in the world?!THIS IS NOT ALRIGHT!END IT TOGETHER!I'M WITH YOU! #theenditmovement"

    "Love these people- my goal is to see these for in every airport in the world in years to come!Awesomeness!"

    "Me and our Generator at Elton John Oscar party;) Thank you to My sis Virginia Fout&Kathryn Caulfield"

    7. He would definitely take you dancing:

    8. He's pretty easy on the eyes:

    Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images
    Theo Wargo / Getty Images

    9. And he just get's better with age, like a fine wine:

    2001: Jason Kirk / Getty Images 2013: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    2001 vs. 2013

    2006: Juan Rico / Fame Pictures 2013: Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

    2006 vs. 2013

    10. He'll make you laugh:

    "Times are tough I know-but whoever smashed my window last night & stole my iPod-you're in Luck; I just put some great new music on it!"

    Twitter: @iansomerhalder

    "I was hungry today at the Dr...Damon Salvatore style;)"

    "Salvatore Ring Power!!!"

    11. He doesn't take anything for granted:

    "True statement.Live it ,love it, leave the world better off than when you got here.Just the way I figured is the best..."

    "Okay- this is AWESOME!!!Thank you EW!"

    "Wow!!!!Just realized!2 million twitter family members!Thank you all,I feel oddly connected to everyone of you.Really."

    12. Most importantly, he knows the way to a girl's heart:

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