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    29 Of Khloe Kardashian's Best Moments

    We all know she's the best Kardashian sister. Happy birthday Khloe!

    1. When she revealed the true form of Kris Jenner.

    2. When she bonded with her sister.

    3. When she did this to Kourtney's face.

    4. When she was real with herself.

    5. When she learned to appreciate herself.

    6. When she asked her sister a philosophical question.

    7. When she yelled at Kim for being a bitch.

    8. When she got emotional over how skinny she used to be.

    We've all been there girl.

    9. When she came up with a great new phrase.

    10. When she dropped truth bombs.

    11. When she told Kris what we all want to tell Kris.

    12. When she knew the importance of having "a little ghetto" in your life.

    13. When she hated Kim Kardashian's song as much as everyone else.

    14. When she quoted a Bette Midler song.

    15. When she played with a cute monkey.

    16. When she stood up for herself.

    17. When she told the truth in a joking manner about Kim.

    18. When she discovered the beauty of a men's bathroom.

    19. When she needed an amen.

    20. When she got creeped out by pregnancy.

    21. When she did a dance.

    22. When she used the word slore.

    23. When she still got the last laugh.

    24. When she wore a unicorn mask.

    25. When she discovered her love of the word troll.

    26. When she made a weird bet.

    27. When she made out with a giraffe.

    28. When she did a rain dance.

    29. When she celebrated her 29th birthday with a pajama party.

    Happy birthday Khloe!

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