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    A Glossy Eye Is The Beauty Trend You Didn’t Know You Needed

    My eye gloss is poppin'.

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    The wet eye look may be trendy, but hey, I'm not immune to a solid beauty trend. And Milk Makeup Eye Vinyl makes it so easy, I sport it nearly every day and don't intend to give it up anytime soon.

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    When it comes to makeup, I take it all pretty lightly (literally and figuratively). Similar to my clothing-shopping habits, I’ve been known to give in to fleeting and impulsive trend-induced whims.

    When Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit promos were as omnipresent as Geico ads, I got on that matte lip train. When a bold pop of eyeshadow was the ultimate party accessory, thanks in large part to Pat McGrath, I partook.

    So when I began to see glossy lids on It girls and runway stars in 2014 (ahem, Rihanna), I immediately reacquainted myself with Vaseline. Things didn’t go as planned.

    A quick googling of “wet eye look” elicits hundreds of results advising how to achieve the perfect glossy lid, all with varying advice. The takeaway: It’s harder than you might think!

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    After experimenting with Vaseline and lip gloss, I was frustrated. Both products slid off my eyelids throughout the day, a phenomenon only exacerbated by layering them over shadow. And so I gave in to defeat and filed the trend alongside baby bangs and dark lips — things I simply cannot pull off, try as I may.

    But when I locked eyes with Eye Vinyl at Sephora about a year later, that file suddenly reopened.

    Rachel Ellison / BuzzFeed

    It’s a glossy shadow that easily slides over your lids to achieve that “wet look” effect. And since it’s specifically formulated for eyes, it’s much thicker than Vaseline and therefore does an excellent job of sitting in place all day. As some Sephora reviewers have mentioned, its high-shine impact doesn’t last ALL day, but my eyelids still have a noticeable, albeit subtler, gloss even eight hours after application.

    And as for the color, I’ve only tried the lighter-colored Bridge, but can’t wait to get my hands on the newer hues. The gloss is also available in black (Tunnel), iridescent lilac (Light Rail), and a bold purple (Valet).

    Sephora / Via, Via

    For the record, these other Milk Eye Vinyl fans have corroborated my findings:

    “I have all four colors and wear them every day. Bridge is my most-used color for a simple glossy lid. These look amazing paired with other pigments, they are a SUPERB base for glitter (I partied for 12 hours once and my gold glitter lids didn't budge!), they look amazing layered on or blended out for a faded color especially on the black and purple. 100% my favorite eye product I've ever owned.” —hsjostedt

    “I just tried this stuff out today and I really love it. Vaseline creases and clumps, and can mess up my mascara or eyeliner. I decided to give this a try, and I love it! I purchased the beige color, which is basically just a clear gloss that glides onto your eyelids. Because this one isn't pigmented, it's really easy to put on and doesn't require blending. It's pretty sticky, which I like because it ended up not noticeably creasing at all. Like other reviewers mentioned, the 'high-shine' aspect does not last too long, perhaps a couple hours. However, my lids still appeared glossy at the end of the day, just not as dramatically as when I first put it on. Because I use this for daytime looks, I don't mind that the high shine fades.” —Aquar1an

    "I absolutely adore this product. It is so, so, so easy to use and gives you a dewy, not oily, look on your lids instantly. The formula has a bit of stickiness to it, but not so much that your eyelids stick together. I went swimming and it stayed on my lids! Highly recommend." —eleanorasch

    Whether you incorporate a glossy eye into your day-to-day look or reserve it for special occasions, let me just say — you WILL get compliments regardless.

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    Because it’s a bit more adventurous and obscure than, say, a bold blush, I've noticed that my friends and acquaintances are always curious as to what I’m wearing. You can do a single swipe for a less intense daytime look, and layer it on thicker for more impact later on. And the best part: At $20 a pop, it’s totally affordable.

    Get it from Sephora for $20, available in four colors.

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