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    This Color-Changing Lipstick Is My Only Beauty Essential

    It's like a mood ring for your lips — and it actually looks great.

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    Regular ol' lipstick gets the job done, but hey — everyone loves a little unexpected surprise to liven up an otherwise ho-hum day.

    Kiki Color-Changing Lipstick is like a '90s toy for adults — but more importantly, it’s my favorite beauty product ever.

    I’ve tried different versions of the green hue, but had never dabbled in other colors altogether, so I was curious when I ordered a three-pack of the Kiki lipstick on Amazon (for just $7.99!), which includes both an orange and blue shade in addition to the classic green.

    Here's how the three colors turned out when I applied them.

    And if you're curious...

    Get the three-pack of Kiki color-changing lipstick from Amazon for $7.99.

    The review in this post has been edited for length and clarity.